Unified Communications Reduce Your Cost – A Use Case from A Customer         ProVerbal use case

The Problem

When the customer contacted ProVerbal, they were experiencing some urgent issues with their legacy phone system.

  • The customer has multiple geographically distributed offices. Each office had its own separate PBX deployed at different time using different vendors. They had to maintain different systems that do not interoperate. This created a complex multi-vendor system that added to high maintenance efforts and costs.
  • Different offices engaged different telecom companies for inbound/outbound routing. Calls between offices generated toll-charges because they were not connected within a single network.
  • They only had limited features in their telephony system from the PBX vendors, often with incremental costs in hardware and software licensing.
  • Each office needs to keep its own receptionists handling inbound calls and routing them to the appropriate employee which increases labour costs.

The Solution

Could-based Solution

ProVerbal designed and implemented a cloud-based PBX that unified the offices of the customer. The customer was able to take advantage of VoIP-based savings, with calls being routed on more cost-effective routes. As they expanded their operations to add new offices, their telephony integration was simple and seamless – as easy as putting new phones on desks, with no further premise-based hardware needed (using the already-in place network). As their telephony needs increase, the cloud-based PBX will scale up, completely seamlessly, with no additional effort on their part. Similarly, as their voice traffic spikes, the VoIP-providers scale seamlessly, with no lost calls due to busy signals.

Speech-recognition Auto-attendant

ProVerbal provided a speech-recognition auto-attendant that enables the customer to have 24x7x365 call routing to the right recipient without requiring a live receptionist.

Value-added Features

ProVerbal provided a full suite of features available out-of-the-box, including ring groups, paging/intercom (including to warehouses), call parking, call recording, single-number-reach (ring extensions and mobiles concurrently), voicemail-to-email, and full call reporting.

Customer Services

ProVerbal provides full MACD (Move/Add/Change/Delete) for all their needs, reducing their costs for ongoing maintenance and support of this system, and custom application development as their business needs dictate. ProVerbal operates as a partner organization, providing expert consulting services to ensure they take the fullest advantage of emerging technologies.